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Custom Screen and Metal Work


Custom Window and Door Screens


Christian Metal Screens:

We have our own screen metal shop in-house. We offer custom screen rolls for customer's that prefer to replace their own screens, we can also cut them here for you if you'd rather. We offer custom screen work for windows, screened rooms, storm doors, and patio doors.

Because every door and window screening project is different, we offer a variety of component options which can be combined in dozens of different configurations. As a result, you can choose the solution that best fits the requirements of your home, your lifestyle, and your budget.

Our Re-Screens start @ $15-$32 depending on size. Simply bring your old screen frames in to our shop at 511 Skyview Dr. and we'll measure, cut, and replace in no time.


If you need a custom size cut for your project, simply give us the dimensions and we'll cut to size and have ready for you on arrival.

Measuring Tips

The most important step in ordering replacement screens to meet your needs is providing accurate measurements for the project. With so many different styles of windows and doors available, make sure you are getting your dimensions based on the Measuring Guide that best matches your project from the options below.

Replacement screens are manufactured to precise standards and guaranteed to be within 1/16" of the dimensions you provide. We will do everything possible to help you obtain accurate measurements for your project, but the final dimensions are still your responsibility. Measure twice, order once!

Here are some basic guidelines to apply in general when measuring for replacement screens. More specific tips will be provided for specific situations.

1. Use a tape measure in good working condition, with no damage to the "hook".

2. Measurements should be made for each individual window. Do not assume similar-looking windows are the exact same size.

3. Measurements are normally stated in "Width" and then "Height".

4. Measurements should be made to the nearest 1/16".

Custom Fixtures:

Our sheet metal shop can fabricate the fixtures, vents, gutters and any decorative pieces to match or enhance your new or existing roof. We will shape and fit our materials to the specifications of your unique project. Whether you need copper gutters, a custom skylight, restoration of old fixtures, custom metal roof panels, chimney caps, louvered vents, edge metal, decorative cupolas or other enhancements, our state of the art shop will deliver. Our staff are trained and certified in contemporary and traditional fabrication methods for best results in both quality craftsmanship and design.







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 We understand that a new roof or window replacement for your home is a big expense, which is why we have financing options to help make your needs a possibility. Click the link below to find out more and fill out an application.

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